Lori Esposito is an artist and educator teaching painting and drawing at Ohio University. She was a recipient of the Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award in 2015 and has received additional institutional support from Ucross Foundation, the Virginia Center for Creative Arts, and Santa Fe Arts Institute, and she was a visiting artist at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Her work has been collected by private and public collections, including Fidelity Investments and the Embassy of Panama, and her drawings are in the Drawing Center’s Viewing Program. Lori has facilitated workshops at locations including the North Carolina Museum of Art, and group walks at the Carnegie Museum of Art and History. Her work was featured in the 42nd exhibition of Art on Paper at the Weatherspoon Art Museum. Manifest Gallery selected her work for a special exhibition/publication ‘Botanical’ and for their International Drawing Annual 7. She has had solo exhibitions at the Turchin Center at Appalachian State University, and SooVisual Arts.

Esposito’s work draws from diverse fields, involves community groups and specialists from various stages in life and abilities, and utilizes a broad range of media and techniques integrated into her painting and drawing practice. Collaborative projects and bodies of work move in and between individual regenerative pursuits and group interactions. She works with subjects such as mental illness, wellness, aging, bereavement culture, biodiversity, and agriculture.

Currently Esposito is engaged in a curatorial project at the Kennedy Museum in Athens, Ohio, focusing on a young audience and advocating for outdoor education and the inclusion of Environmental Science and Art into the Special Education K-12 curriculum. The exhibit invites community dialog and participation around biodiversity in the company of two regional herbarium collections: one scientific, the other social.